Welcome to Raw Power Training Systems

We are an in person strength training company in the Salt Lake City, Utah area that also conducts coaching clinics and online coaching.

Providing a myriad of strategies is what we believe sets apart a veteran personal trainer/coach compared to someone with less experience.

We treat everyone like an athlete of some sort regardless of their background. Strength, flexibility, endurance and functional ability are all imperative for a healthy human being. For more information on please feel free to contact me with the subject listed.

We offer:
  • Bringing back common sense regarding training frequency
  • Custom programming – no templates
  • Weekly updates – consistent updates on your programming
  • Unparalleled communication which is essential as an online coach
  • 1 Skype Conference call a week for 30 minutes if desired
  • Video analysis because if I can’t be there send me your videos for invaluable feedback
  • Learn from my successes and setbacks as a lifter of over 30 years
  • And more…